First Place

Photographer: Godfrey DiGiorgi

Title: “Subway Ride”
Date of Exposure: 1999
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Photographer: Godfrey DiGiorgi
Camera: Minox IIIS
Film: APX100
Captured from negative with DSLR and macro lens setup at 1.4:1 magnification.
Rendered in Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.
Printed to 11×17 inch.


Photographer: Anthony Kosky. Ph.D.

Title: Doctors Park, Milwaukee
Date: Dec 2009
Details: Minox LX, Kodak Ektar 100 – developed by Blue Moon, scanned with Nikon LS-4000.
Photographer: Anthony Kosky. Ph.D.


Photo by Jay Rochlin

The first contest in the 2010 MHS 2010 competition is now complete, and the winners will be announced next weekend.

Contest #2 starts immeadiately – so get out those cameras – (or negatives!) and send in those entries. Remember, the photos need not be recent – any Minox shot will do.

Good Shooting!


by Steve Zimmerman

Entries for Contest # 1 are starting to arrive. Select the photo above to see the photos.

It is will great pleasure that I announce the judges for the 2010 MHS Photo Contests

Lance Borden  —  Contest 1: May 2 – May 22
Godfrey DiGiorgi  —  Contest 2: May 23 – June 12
Anthony Kosky  —  Contest 3: June 13 – July 3
William Meriwether  —  Contest 4: July 4 – July 24

We are doing the Minox Historical Society Annual Photo Competition a bit differently this year.  Lean and mean.  So without further ado,  here’s how the contest is going to run:

  • There will be four contest sessions, each running three weeks.
  • Contest Dates:

Contest 1: May 2 – May 22
Contest 2: May 23 – June 12
Contest 3: June 13 – July 3
Contest 4: July 4 – July 24

  • Entries must be submitted within the dates for each Contest session and are due by midnight of the last day of the session.
  • Entries should be sent by email to: mhscontest@submini.com, one attached JPEG image file per email. (Please see “The Rules” below for specifics on the submission format.)
  • Results for each Contest session will be posted one week after the session closes.
  • Two prizes will be awarded per contest session.
  • Prizes: Each winner will receive a MHS Prize pack, containing an MHS Classic Reprint Book and MHS souvenir of our choosing.

That’s it.  …

BUT,  just so there are no debates,  here are

The Rules

I) The 2010 Minox Historical Society Photo Contest is open to anyone.

II) The only person ineligible to submit to or win a particular contest session is the judge for that contest session. Anyone else may enter and win, including MHS Committee members. Judges are appointed by the MHS Committee prior to the sessions.

III) All submitted photographs must have been taken with a camera using 8×11 roll film, regardless of camera brand or model.

IV) The MHS reserves the right to request proof of negative size. Such proof, if requested, will require submission of the original negative or slide, or a contact sheet, or whatever other means is deemed appropriate to determine the original meets the contest eligibility criteria.

V) There are no Category requirements for this year’s contest. Both Black & White and Color photos are acceptable for all contest sessions. Entries will be submitted as digital JPEG image files.

VI) Image file submissions must be sized to 640×880 pixels at 72 dpi (landscape or portrait orientation). If the images are cropped, make sure that they fit within a box with those pixel dimensions. No watermarks or borders should be applied. Any images submitted that do not conform to these specifications will not be accepted.

VII) Photographs can be of any subject matter. However, photographs containing pornography, glorifying illegal acts, or showing acts of gratuitous violence will not be accepted. The MHS judging committee reserves the right to reject any submission deemed inappropriate.

VIII) You may submit up to three images to each contest session. Images submitted to one contest session are not eligible to be submitted to another.

IX) Submission of an image to the 2010 MHS Photo Contest requires that the submitter is the original creator of the image and holds all copyright ownership and distribution rights to its use. Proof will be required if any challenges arise.

X) All copyright to images accepted for use is retained solely by the owner who submitted it. Submission of an image to the 2010 MHS Photo Contest grants to the MHS non-exclusive publication rights for use in MHS promotional publications, both electronic and print.

XI) All accepted contest entries will be posted to the 2010 MHS Photo Contest website.

XII) Each contest session will be presided over by one judge. The judge will be allowed one week to determine the winner after the close of the contest session. The judge’s decision will be final. If the judge is unable to render a decision within one week, for any reason, the Vice President of the Minox Historical Society will assume the role of de facto judge and will make the winning determination.

XIII) A maximum of one prize per entrant, per contest will be awarded. A maximum of two prizes in total may be won per individual, across all four contest sessions. Prizes are awarded at the sole discretion of the judges.  The decisions of the judges are final.

XIV) The MHS reserves the right to substitutions and changes in prizes as necessary, at any time during the Contest.