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First Place

Photographer: Godfrey DiGiorgi

Title: “Subway Ride”
Date of Exposure: 1999
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Photographer: Godfrey DiGiorgi
Camera: Minox IIIS
Film: APX100
Captured from negative with DSLR and macro lens setup at 1.4:1 magnification.
Rendered in Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.
Printed to 11×17 inch.


Photographer: Anthony Kosky. Ph.D.

Title: Doctors Park, Milwaukee
Date: Dec 2009
Details: Minox LX, Kodak Ektar 100 – developed by Blue Moon, scanned with Nikon LS-4000.
Photographer: Anthony Kosky. Ph.D.


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Photo by Jay Rochlin

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The first contest in the 2010 MHS 2010 competition is now complete, and the winners will be announced next weekend.

Contest #2 starts immeadiately – so get out those cameras – (or negatives!) and send in those entries. Remember, the photos need not be recent – any Minox shot will do.

Good Shooting!


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by Steve Zimmerman

Entries for Contest # 1 are starting to arrive. Select the photo above to see the photos.

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It is will great pleasure that I announce the judges for the 2010 MHS Photo Contests

Lance Borden  —  Contest 1: May 2 – May 22
Godfrey DiGiorgi  —  Contest 2: May 23 – June 12
Anthony Kosky  —  Contest 3: June 13 – July 3
William Meriwether  —  Contest 4: July 4 – July 24

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