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First, I would like to publicly thank Jack Delisle for stepping up at the last minute, to judge the 4th contest. I think everyone will agree he did a great job. Thank you Jack!
Also I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contests – I think the new format worked quite well, I do hope you enjoyed it.
So, with that said, click the photo below, and visit the winners!


Photo by Jay Rochlin

Photo by Jay Rochlin

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by Eben Massari

Available at the photo link above.

Contest # 3 is now closed,  and entries for the final contest,  Contest # 4,  are now being accepted.  (See below for entry information).

Because of the excellent response to the contest so far (just under 100 photos to date), we are extending the deadline for Contest #4 two weeks.  The contest will run July 4th to August 7th.

So don’t forget – send your entries to: mhscontest@submini.com

… available at the photo link above.

Judging for Contest #2 is under way. Thanks to all who entered.

Entries for Contest #3 are now being accepted, and are on line.

Photo by Jay Rochlin

Be sure to take a look at the latest entries……..

Photographer: Stan Dye

Coaster at Knott’s
April 2005, Minocolor 100, developed and scanned by Minoxlab USA